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Patient Information

Patient Info

Pediatric endocrinology is a specialized area in the medical care of children, which involves diseases that affect growth, development and metabolism.  These include thyroid disease in infants and children, growth disorders, early or delayed puberty, as well as nutritional disorders such as obesity and malnutrition. If your child was referred by his/her primary care doctor, it was because they were concerned about some aspect of your child’s growth, development or nutritional status.

 In order for us to make the best medical decisions, it is useful for us to have records that have important information about your child’s growth and development. At the time of your appointment please bring the following information:

  • Previous medical records
  • Growth chart
  • Baby book with heights and weights
  • Lab test results
  • X-rays

Clinical Trials
We are doing Clinical Trials for Patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency. Please see the Clinical Trials Information

Prescription Refills
We will refill prescriptions of necessary hormone medications for all patients who have up to date records.  Prescriptions are filed electronically to the pharmacy of record and are usually completed within 48 hours of the request.  Please make sure that you have sufficient medication for your child to avoid last minute refills.  If your child has not been seen for over 3 months for growth hormone deficiency or diabetes or 6 months for other conditions, prescription refills cannot be done until the child is seen. 

After Hours
For calls outside of usual business hours please call 310-993-8076 for the doctor on call. 

Fee Schedule
We are pleased that you have chosen us to help in the diagnosis and treatment of your child’s serious medical condition.  All of our patients are important to us, and we strive to achieve a successful and healthy outcome for each, as well as balance the needs of everyone involved in their care.  Your child may require services from our office that are not covered by your insurer.  Should you require any of these services, we are happy to provide them.  You will be charged at the rates covered in this form and at the time of service, payable by cash, check or credit card.  It has become necessary for us to take this action, since these indirect services take valuable time away from the doctor’s direct patient care responsibilities.

Missed Appointments and Cancellations

Because our appointment times are in demand, if you have not cancelled your appointment 24 hours before you are scheduled, we assume that you will show up.  You will be charged $100 for a missed appointment or for a same day cancellation.

Patient Forms
Patient Enrollment FormPlease fill out online, then print a copy to sign and send or FAx to my office. the second page of this form lists the items you should bring with you to your visit to my office. Thanks!
Referral FormTo be completed by your referring physician. Can be competed on-line, but a copy must be printed or FAX'd to my office.
Midparental Target Height Calculation
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IRM HIPAA Auth.Dr Neufeld
Consent for Email Communication of Patient Health Information